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Travel Arrangements

Most colleges and universities will offer information concerning travel plans for example, close by air terminals, transport/taxi administrations, and

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Pre-Departure Briefings

It is that time of your application process where you can see your dreams being fulfilled. You are now at a stone throw distance to see yourself

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Visa Interview Preparation

Document preparation and file completion was never enough to get the student Visa. Immigration of some countries has standardized process of taking

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Bank Loan Assistance

Foreign education needs good funds. To avail a loan at a competitive rate of interest has always been a tricky task. Looking at the rising attraction

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Scholarship Assistance

You don’t have to be discouraged from university studies due to financial reasons. Mostly all the universities and colleges abroad offer

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Application and Documentation

This being the first step of your application process after giving your English proficiency exam, hence there cannot be any room for error. At pacific

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Personality Development

Nowadays work environment is more competitive than ever before and dynamic in nature. It is evident that good qualifications are crucial for people to

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Student Visa Process

Getting a student visa varies from country to country and is a great deal as it involves critical documentation associated with it. Additionally,

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Education in Germany

The Federal Republic of Germany proportionally is a quite small country but its history as well as its actual role in the world is something special.

  • 4Months(16weeks)
  • 3 sessions of 2 hours in a week.
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