Education in Singapore

Singapore – Safe, Vibrant and Cosmopolitan, a garden city, widely known as “the world’s most liveable city”. Singapore has strict laws and low crime rates; a law-abiding and safe country.Students wishing to come to Singapore for higher studies need only to come to Singapore to apply for a Student Pass, there is no need to travel to the Singapore Embassy in Beijing for an interview. This simplified process also has a higher approval rate as compared to Europe and America.

Due to Singapore’s small population, it has difficulty in meeting the increasing man power needs which creates an ideal condition for graduating foreign students to remain in Singapore to seek & attain further employment.The courses at FYIT (Singapore) are designed to meet the high standards of international programs. System cooperates with internationally prominent universities such as University of London, University of New Brunswick etc. Our Higher Diploma programs are designed to meet with the demands of future job markets.

Singapore’s official language is English; this provides Chinese students a supportive environment to learn and improve their English.
Singapore has a lower cost of living compared to many other countries.

Also,FYIT (Singapore) offers a reasonable fee structure for study programs. It has Excellent yet affordable high living standards.

FYIT (Singapore) is currently conducting courses that are in high demand in the industry today, with bright job prospects for our graduating students.Singapore’s aviation networks are well established; major cities in China can be reached in only a few hours creating opportunities for foreign students to remain in Singapore to seek further employment.

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