Study in Germany

Germany is globally known to be the technological and economic hub of the Europe. German universities have attracted a large number of international aspirants since the last few decades. German employees from different fields and disciplines are in great demand all over the world and have realistic chances to get a job in an international company in many different countries. Germany itself is also a good and attractive country to work post studies. Since Germany is now gaining popularity among international students hence the country offers wide range of degree programs in English. It has 450 state accredited universities that offer 17, 600-degree programs. The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is a renowned scholarship organization in the offering countless scholarship programs to applicants. German degrees are immensely valued in the job market. The German Visa is valid for 27 Schengen countries including Austria, Denmark, France, Greece and others.

Large section of technical programs in Germany will not be having any tuition fees and the students would have to pay a minimum amount of approximately € 500 per semester. The living cost in Germany is approximately € 8700 per year. However, if the student is going for any of the business programs then the average tuition fee would sum up to € 11000 to

€ 14000.

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